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Happy 2021 puzzle friends? Yes. Happy 2021. Right? Right.

I could say a lot of things after the last few days. Instead, I will give you a puzzle and trust that you are still keeping it together. I am. I am? Yes. I am.

I hope you enjoy Grid Therapy’s 70th puzzle. You can’t know how grateful I am to be the most outlying of outlying outposts in the puzzleverse. I’m here in the world I want to belong to. And it’s fun to imagine I somehow now belong to it. That will never not be a feel-good. The connections I have made here give me more pleasure than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you. Better days ahead.

Also, I did not know it was going to appear when I posted the last puzzle here on Grid Therapy, but you can see my latest puzzle in a major publication still on the LA Times crossword page. It appeared on January 3rd, and it was a Sunday puzzle so it’s big and has lots of words and stuff. When is my next one? Probably not for a bit, because I haven’t submitted one recently. I am too laser-focused on you fine people. And also I have been lazy of late. There it is. Much love.

Across Lite (.puz)



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