When They Go Low, We Go High

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The election is upon us. You can’t possibly wonder about who I support. But, I didn’t want my last puzzle before the election to be explicitly partisan. I just wanted it to be clearly partisan for anyone who knows me.

So nothing explicitly partisan today. I think Michelle Obama is fantastic. That’s it. The title of this puzzle is a tribute to her. I wanted to make a puzzle from this phrase she uttered back in the day. This is the result. Once I decided to make this puzzle, I did it very quickly. But I hope competently in a way that you will enjoy despite the speed of its creation.

I want good things for you and I want them for me. I want them for our country and I want them for our world. And I think no matter what happens, if it gets too bad, we could convene a puzzle brigade which could fix it all.

Here is your completely apolitical puzzle, “When They Go Low, We Go High.” I hope you like it. It’s very very late but this is when I finished it. I hope you have all your settings such that my bedtime post does not wake you up.

Across Lite (.puz)



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