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Ya’ll, I’m not gonna lie. This theme is silly. I’m neither proud of it nor am I ashamed of it, but it’s not going to be in any ‘Epic Crossword Themes of History’ compilations. Its reason for being is tenuous, but here’s the deal: creativity has been a challenge recently. I’m fine. Everything’s good. But this is next-level “Groundhog Day” stuff we’re doing these days, right?

Nevertheless, my sincere hope and belief is that you will enjoy this crossword as a way to pass the time. Themes aren’t everything, and I think there is some good fill here and hopefully a good clue or two. I encourage you to comment and let me know honestly.

Here’s a fun inside story on crossword constructors and their Twitter exchanges. I found a dupe in this puzzle very late in the game that my software had not identified. And I tweeted about it. A few constructors replied and a fun little banter ensued.

The new entry I selected to eliminate the dupe was discussed. I won’t spoil it here, but it is a medical term. Sid Sivakumar is currently working on his MD/PHD, and he is ridiculously talented, funny, and intelligent. How he produces such amazing puzzle work while coping with the onerous demands of his medical training is beyond me. In any case, over the course of our exchange I told him I would mention him and his blog here if he wrote the clue for that entry. He did, and it’s great. If you have never visited Sid’s Grids, you’re missing out. It’s a great puzzle site. Honestly, maybe you should just close this window and head on over there.

Not really. Please. Solve my puzzle. Then check him out.

Be well my friends!

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