Free Association 21

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Welcome to all of you who found Grid Therapy through the AVCX puzzle! What a thrill it was to work with Ben Tausig and see my name in that amazing venue. Any of you here who aren’t subscribed should do it if you’re able.

I dipped my bucket in the well of theme ideas this week and it came up dry. But I’m pretty happy with the way this Free Association puzzle turned out. I had a completely different southeast section at first and was excited about some of the entries I was able to squeeze in. And then I discovered a triple dupe! Yikes. There was nothing to do at that point other than rip out a third of the puzzle. Thankfully it all came together and I hope you have fun with it.

I decided to organize a Zoom happy hour with a bunch of folks from Facebook tonight. No particular reason. Other than getting a bit of a lift from human solidarity and laughter. I should probably go shave and whatever else is required to transform myself from AfterTimes Trent into BeforeTimes Trent. They’ll never know I looked like Tom Hanks in Cast Away just a couple of hours before.

Take good care of yourselves everyone, and I’ll see you back here soon!

Across Lite (.puz)



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