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Hi everyone! I just recently apologized for not posting frequently enough for my taste. But that’s ok. I told you a while back there would be no set schedule for Grid Therapy in the AfterTimes. After 2-3 puzzles with a lag of more than a week I have another one for you three days after the last one. This one is a Free Association puzzle with a little pepper on it so it’s not going to be a super fast or easy one. I hope it’s fair and I hope it’s enjoyable.

Here’s some fun news from my world: it looks like next week’s American Values Crossword Club puzzle will be by yours truly. It’s not set in stone but it looks good to go for August 19th. If you are not familiar with this subscription puzzle, I think you should be. I subscribe and highly recommend you do too. It’s reviewed each week on Crossword Fiend and is consistently one of the best puzzles out there. For $20 a year, you get a weekly high-quality puzzle that I would never ever say is consistently better than the New York Times puzzle. Because why would I say a thing like that?

In any case, today’s puzzle is not published by anyone but me, and I am grateful that there are some of you out there who solve and appreciate my cruciverbal offerings to the universe. I hope this one pleases you. Be well.


Across Lite (.puz)



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