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I’ve been working at home here in the AfterTimes, and you would think with all that commuting time saved, I would be up-to-date on solving puzzles and prolific in my construction. Somehow, neither has proven to be the case. I have such a backlog of puzzles by excellent constructors to solve, and a few of my own languishing in various states of completeness. But I will not judge myself, dear reader, as you should not. In the time of the extremely abnormal, almost no reaction you can have will be abnormal. Who knew that I would fall behind in my puzzle pursuits because I’m playing a baby game (Animal Crossing) with my kids, and cursing like an insane person when I fail to catch that elusive shark or create that blue rose hybrid? (Spoiler alert: that little insight into my current insanity might explain my choice of clues for 58-across). We will just notice our reactions, monitor the situation, cultivate a space of non-judgment, and keep plugging ahead.

In that spirit, I have another puzzle for you. This one will not appear in the Orca Awards for 2020, nor will it offend I daresay. It is an easy themed puzzle which is a puzzle you can solve. Think Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. But hopefully not Tuez-day. I know some of you, unlike me, have been solving fiends here in the AfterTimes, crying out for more and appreciative of every scrap of wordplay pleasure you can consume. Here’s to you, friends.

Across Lite (.puz)



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