Free Association 17

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Hello my crossword friends! Sorry it’s been a little bit longer than usual since I’ve posted. Things have been busy here in the Evans household. I’ve been quelling a teenage revolt against my science-based coronavirus restrictions. Other parents are cool. I’m not. Cool parents make my job a little harder.

Hey! Exciting news for me. I’ve been working with an amazing person named Beth Rubin who Erik Agard hooked me up with through the Crossword Puzzle Collaboration Directory on Facebook. A few people gave me a little help when I started and now I’m excited to get to return the favor. We’ve submitted a couple of puzzles together to major publications and have yet to hear back on those. Fingers crossed. But I can tell you that Beth Rubin is a byline you will see in the future. She is a creative and eagle-eyed person with an attention to detail that I admire very much. She contributed many of the clues to this puzzle and I appreciate her help. This whole pandemic thing has stifled me a little bit, and she has given me some nudges that have helped.

I hope you enjoy this Grid Therapy offering and I so appreciate those of you who have chipped in to support this humble little enterprise. Happy solving and thanks for being a part of our merry little band!

Across Lite (.puz)



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