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Hello my amazing crossword people! I have another puzzle for you today. This is a Wednesday-ish themed 4/5 difficulty puzzle and I really hope you enjoy it. I will have a themeless puzzle in the Los Angeles Times tomorrow and I hope you enjoy that one too.

The wonderful thing about Grid Therapy for me is that I can dream up a puzzle and deliver it to you inside of a week if I want to. Its quality reflects where I am at this moment, for good or ill. The LA Times puzzle tomorrow was constructed a year ago in May of 2019. I would love to have some do-overs based on my experience in the interim, but even so, I think it’s ok. You can solve it at the LA Times Crossword site. Whether this Grid Therapy offering is any better is for you to decide.

Thanks for visiting, tell your friends, and I hope to see you back here soon. Everything is bananas right now, so I’m glad to offer you a little diversion to pass the time. Much love to you all.

Across Lite (.puz)



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