Free Association 12

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Sadly, the ACPT has been canceled this year as a result of the current public health crisis. I was looking forward to meeting some of you there, but Will and company are investigating the possibility of holding it later this year. Stay tuned.

In anticipation of being at the tournament, I prepared a full-size puzzle this week since I was going to take the week off next week. I’m going to post that one today anyway, and I’ll return next week with a Brief Therapy puzzle. It’s a 4/5 difficulty and I hope you enjoy it.

In addition to following all the advice about washing your hands, not touching your face, etc., please take time to care for yourself psychologically. Consume enough news to keep abreast of the information you need to know, but please moderate your consumption. Turning the news off and solving some puzzles is just what this doctor orders. Be well, and take care of yourself and others. We’re all in this together. Peace.

Across Lite (.puz)


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