Birds of a Feather

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fabulous and safe celebration to ring in the new decade!

Grid Therapy begins 2020 with a themed puzzle entitled “Birds of a Feather.” This one was accepted and in the queue to run in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Sadly, the CHE is going to stop publishing crossword puzzles early this year, so their fantastic editor Brad Wilber had to release it back to me. Brad is a constructor’s dream to work with and I hope we see him heading another puzzle very soon. 

I made a few tweaks to the fill and clues to make it a bit more in my own voice since I no longer had the constraints of a mainstream publication to be concerned with. I hope you enjoy solving it here on Grid Therapy.

I think this puzzle is about a Wednesday NYT level of difficulty. I realize I have not been consistent or in any way objective about how I am rating my puzzles difficulty-wise. So far I have been operating without test solvers to give me any feedback in that regard. If you are interested in helping me out with that, please send an email to drtrent (at) I’d love to have you participate. I make no money from this site, so neither would you. But I hope at least three or four of you experienced solvers might be willing to step up and volunteer to help me make this little corner of the Crossworld a little bit better.

One more thing. The Saturday, January 4th, Wall Street Journal 21×21 crossword puzzle was constructed by yours truly. Check it out this Saturday in print or online at the WSJ Puzzles site

Happy solving and I’ll see you next Friday with another full-size puzzle. A mini-puzzle might be coming mid-week if time permits. Have a great week everyone!

Across Lite (.puz)


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