Arrested Development

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Today’s puzzle is an easy to easy-medium themed crossword entitled “Arrested Development.” The holidays are upon us and I hope all of you enjoy some time off of work in the company of loved ones. For those of you who have to work over the holiday as I have in the past, thank you for what you do. I can’t promise you another puzzle until January 10th. If I get inspired before then, I may post something but you’ll definitely see me back here on the 10th at the latest. By that time, I will have had a 3-4 day visit with my in-laws in Tennessee. Read that last sentence again and send me your love!

Happy Holidays and I hope 2020 is a year in which we all find increasing peace, prosperity, and a calmer world in which we focus on understanding that this life we lead is not a zero-sum game.

Thanks for being a part of Grid Therapy. Spread the word, and I’ll see you back here soon.

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