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I love crossword puzzles. I think crosswords have a place in our pursuit of mental health. I am completely in the present moment when I solve them and am thus freed from the tyranny of stressors and to-do items which might otherwise occupy my mind if not for these wonderful little diversions. I hope by solving the puzzles you find on this site, you have a few moments of peace, happiness, and intellectual satisfaction.

I’ll try to post puzzles for you once or twice a month. I’ve had puzzles accepted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Universal Syndicate, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. I like getting paid for making these puzzles, but I get a great deal of satisfaction from simply knowing that folks have experienced the slightest bit of fun as a result of something I made. So everything is free here and I hope of high quality. This site will feature puzzles written just for this site which may not be right for a major publisher. Some of them will be puzzles rejected by publishers, but which I think you will enjoy anyway. I welcome your feedback. Because this is also a practice routine for me. Any positive or negative things you might have to say will help me get better at achieving what I want to achieve. Which is quite simply to entertain you in at least some small way. That’s the goal. So let’s get started!

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